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About Us

Mustard Seed Creations was founded with an intent to impact, ignite and inspire growth by creating learning opportunities that enable people from all walks of life to achieve success and unlock their potential.

Our company name was inspired by a tiny mustard seed. It serves as a constant reminder that humility is the starting point of success.
Even with a seed so small, when planted and watered, its’ roots grow deep and its’ branches shoot out to form a magnificent tree which symbolizes our tagline of start tiny, grow mighty.

In full bloom, the sight of a mustard tree with its’ yellow flowers gleaming in the sun is simply beautiful. Just like a blooming mustard tree, we want to spread the beauty of hope and possibilities to the world.

About Us
Meet the Founder

Meet the Founder

Adrienna Mak

Trainer, Coach and Founder of Mustard Seed Creations.

If we could describe Adrienna in one word, it would be laughter.  She bulldozes through life’s challenges like she was having the time of her life at a circus.

The main reason why she started this company was that she experienced what it was like to not be given the equal chance to learn when her family could not afford to fund her tertiary education. But someone believed in her potential and gave her the gift to further her studies. Now, she wants to pass on that same gift she received by creating learning opportunities that empower young people to be the best version of themselves so that they can achieve success and fulfillment in all areas of their lives.

Her professional life includes 2 years of experience as a coach to children and youth aged 7 to 17 and then as a coaching assistant to a workplace coach. For the next 4 years, she went on to become an Operations Manager and then got promoted to become the Regional Operations Manager of a Tech Service Marketplace Company.

She is now in the midst of getting her International Coaching Federation (ICF) certification to become a certified coach and is on a mission to build leaders of the next generation!