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Go! Be Me

Three simple words (Go!, Be, Me), when added together, become a powerful call to action.


My first call to action would be to pursue a life of purpose rather than settling for comfort.
I’ve been working for 6 years in total and I have been blessed with a job that provides me with a comfortable salary. A salary that allows me to travel abroad more than twice a year and to enjoy the different delicacies (i’m a foodie) the world has to offer.
However, in the past year, I have been questioning my purpose and realize that the only impact I was making was for myself and not for anyone else. Through this realization, I am now taking big bold steps (out of my comfort zone) to enter into uncharted waters to significantly impact the lives of people around the world, starting with my beloved country, Malaysia.


The second call to action for me would be to live a life full of confidence and endless possibilities, just as when I was a child.
One of the first few challenges in a child’s life is to learn how to walk. I’m pretty sure I fell down a lot while trying to walk but the fact that I can walk today is proof that I always got back up on my feet and tried again and again until I succeeded.
Then I learned how to talk and I began to ask many questions and always answered questions truthfully because I wasn’t exposed to fear or shame of saying the wrong thing. Therefore, to truly BE me, I need to remind myself that I was once a very courageous and confident person and I am still that same person.


The third and final call to action would be to take action and see it through.
This is perhaps my biggest challenge. I appreciate that my parents had the best of intentions for me and did everything to the best of their knowledge and ability to provide me a safe and nurturing childhood but because they too were accustomed to the upbringing of a typical Asian family, they never really learned the art of encouragement. Their form of encouragement was to criticize my decisions and tell me all the reasons why it would not work. This has affected me to make me think and feel that I always make bad choices and that I was never going to be good enough which then stops me from taking action to pursue what I believe in. Which is why I am now making a decision to not let anyone define who I am but to pursue bringing out the best of ME in all that I do.

With that, I would like to challenge and encourage you to do some deep thinking and reflect on your life to identify and choose the type of legacy you want to leave behind.
Go! Be You!


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