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Equal and Experiential Learning Opportunities

What will you be doing today if you were robbed of your chance to learn?

That unimaginable outcome is someone else’s reality right now and we are here to change that.

We do not want to deny people the opportunity to learn just because they can’t afford it. (According to DOSM, the median household income of B-40 communities is at RM 3000).

We aim to enable and empower young people from all walks of life to achieve success and fulfillment through our fun, creative and experiential learning programs.

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Equal and Experiential Learning Opportunities

Our Approach

Creating an Ecosystem

Creating an Ecosystem

At Mustard Seed Creations (MSC), we design coaching based learning programs that focus on building attitude, soft skills and leadership training for youths and young adults.

55% of all MSC’s profit will go into funding programs for young people from B-40 communities. These programs include our Impact Programs and Vocational Scholarships for deserving students.

Let’s build successful, empowered and sustainable communities all around Malaysia together.

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